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Essential Fast Facts About Our Course Options

We have 2 different options for you to choose from!


First, you register and start to learn Bartending & Mixology in an online only environment. Second, when you complete the course, you have lifetime access to the site, bi-weekly Zoom lessons, and job placement assistance!

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In addition to everything you get in the Basic Course, the Premium Course Option includes all of the features from our Basic Package PLUS:

  • Professional Bar Kit
  • Liquor Laws Certificate
  • Foodhandler’s Card
  • 2 Private Zoom Lessons

To sum it up, this is a great deal!



Everything You’ll Need to Know!

Let’s talk about the importance of learning from Masters in the field of Bartending & Mixology. Firstly, the way that we learn a skill is through repetition and practive. Secondly, we literally teach you everything you need to know. In other words, you’ll learn over 200 drink recipes from standard cocktails to exotic drinks! Thirdly, and most importantly,  our professional instructors are experts in their field and are standing by to answer all of your questions. Moreover, We’ve been teaching Bartending & Mixology since 1980, therefore we have the most successful program around!
In conclusion, if you’re going to start your training as a professional Bartender you should learn from the best…in other words, you’re in the right place at the right time, check out our enrollment specials and let’s get started!

Click the link below to find out how old you have to be to bartend in your state. Information provided by the U.S. Government site on alcohol safety.



That’s it. That’s pretty much the whole post because when you have a great reputation, you attract the best professionals in the industry. For instance, our instructors work hard to keep our program relevant, fun, and up to date, and that translates into a great experience for our students. As a result we produce the best Bartenders around. In addition, our instructors are committed to supporting our students through their training, and beyond!

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